Classroom Reveal 2017-2018

Hello teacher friends! It has been the craziest summer for me.  I got married, bought a house, got a new job, switched grade levels . . . CRAZY.  So, I have been a little absent from my blog these days. However, I am so excited to show you my new classroom for the year! Because my name changed from Winter to Piper, I decided to change my theme too.  I have had a camping theme for the last four years, and I decided it was time to switch it up to Mrs. Piper's Pirates.  I also made the switch from 2nd to 1st grade.  Although I have changed themes and grade levels, I am keeping my blog and TPT store name as Camping Out In Second.  Check out my new classroom below and let me know what you think :)

 I am jumping on the train this year and starting Daily 5! I am loving it so far, and so are the kiddos.  Here are our book baskets.  

Inside our book boxes, the students choose their own good fit books.  I also keep a Daily 5 checklist, and these amazing sight word booklets from the AMAZING Reagan Tunstall.  

 Instead of buying expensive pencil clips this year, I went with some cable clips from Amazon.  They are meant to hold phone cords. I will be honest, some of my students' clips have already fallen off :( But they are a cheap and easy way to hold pencils! 30 clips for $8.99 :) 

 The perfect way to dress up ugly cabinets . . . student work! I used my Silhouette Machine to cut out my vinyl letters.  Thank you to The World of Mrs. B for the "Amazing Work Coming Soon" freebie! 

 Here is my transportation clip chart.  It says Yo, Ho, Ho, How are we going home? Cute and cheesy, just how I like it ;) You can find the labels in my Beginning of the Year Pirate Pack! 
This table is also where I keep our Daily 5 materials for Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing. I also have my Captains of the Week displayed. These are my two helpers who do all of the classroom jobs for the week! I like how I only have to change two names instead of changing jobs for the whole class. 

 This phonics bulletin board is displayed behind my small group table.  I used reading strategy signs from Deanna Jump.  You can also find these phonics posters in my TPT store.  They align to the Words Their Way curriculum.  Check them out HERE! 

 Here is my classroom library that I spent SO much time organizing this summer.  The book bins are labeled by book categories.  After reading the Daily 5 book, I learned that it is important to not have labeled book bins because the students will feel limited when choosing books.  

 However, I still level my books just so I can see the book level and help the students choose good fit books.  I use the Scholastic Book Wizard app to find the level.  So easy! The number on the bottom of the book tells the students which basket the book belongs to in my library. If they have a #16 book, they return it to the #16 box. Super easy way to keep your books organized! 

 If you have followed my previous blog posts, you know I love me some good anchor charts.  Here is my anchor chart wall.  They are organized in math, writing, language, reading, and phonics.  I am still using some 2nd grade charts, but I have been creating some new ones for my firsties! 

Above each anchor chart section are my target boards.  They are just picture frames from the Dollar Tree with a piece of white printer paper inside! I write our daily targets using a dry erase marker.  

This is the inside and outside of my classroom door.  Once again, my Silhouette Machine was such a huge help when decorating my classroom! 

 This is a bulletin board that we have used more than I expected! The first unit of math is all about number bonds, and my number bond mini-posters have been a great resources for my kiddos. 

 My (and the students') favorite part of the day! I was lucky enough to have a magnetic chalkboard to cover and use. To make their choice, the students just move their name and place it under their choice.  We also have our reading stamina chart displayed here. 

 Next up . . . small groups! I laminated these group papers so I can write student names and easily erase them to change groups if needed.  These are also found in my Beginning of the Year Pirate Pack.   Hanging on the wall are my reading fluency phrase rings.  I created them using the Fry Words.  You can find these in my TPT store HERE! 

 To add some more reading spots to my room, I found some $7 rugs from the Dollar General.  This cute little chalkboard is from Wal-Mart, and I of course added vinyl :) I switch the names out every other day.  

This has been the best way for me to keep pencils organized! Also, this is the BEST manual pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  They have fun colors, are student friendly, and they are reasonably priced! Check them out HERE.

 This is my fifth year using the coin behavior system.  If the students earn a coin, they put a + on the chart.  If they lose one, they put a -.  At the end of the day, I record how many coins they earned/lost in their behavior calendars.  At the end of the week, the students shop for coupons to use in the classroom. The best part about it is all of the coupons are free and I don't have to keep buying treats and prizes! 

 This is one of my favorite additions to my classroom.  I place the upcoming birthdays on the filing cabinet.  On their birthday, they get to wear these cool glasses from Party City! 

Have you figured out that I'm cheesy yet? :) What ARRRRGH you having for lunch?? You can find this label in my Beginning of the Year Pirate Pack! 

 My desk! I just used thick burlap ribbon and hot glued different types of fun ribbon to make a banner.  If you look closely, I also painted my own pirate rock this summer :) 

Last but not least, my pirate ship! This was all made from butcher paper from the school, and I cut out the letters with my Silhouette Cameo.  

I have been through so many changes this year, but it is off to a great start! I am loving my firsties and can't wait to see them all grow. Thanks for stopping by! 

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