More and More Place Value

Before we talk place value, I have to give a huge shout-out to Jolene at Paisley 'N' Polkadots.  She gave my blog a big makeover and I am in love! Click HERE to go check out her blog if you are interested in a new blog design.

One of my favorite units to teach in second grade math is place value.  It sets the base for all other math skills that we will use this year and there are SO many hands on ways to teach it.  Click HERE for a link to my post on how I introduce three-digit place value using straws!

My most popular anchor chart that has been pinned over and over again on Pinterest is my Perry the Place Value Robot.

He has been such a big hit that we of course had to make our own place value robots. Our AMAZING aide cut out all of the hundreds, tens, and ones for me.  I used the template from my Place Value Activity Packet, and printed them on colored paper.  

I wrote a number on each student's desk with dry erase marker (they love when I write on their desks), and had them come choose the materials to create their number.  

 We even had a MISS Perry the Place Value Robot! On the bodies of the robots, they wrote their number in number form, word form, expanded form, and unit form.

**Happy teacher moment: I had students asking to exchange hundreds for ten tens and tens for ten ones.  Praise the heavens above, I am getting through to them! 

Earlier in the week, we did some more hands on practice! We used my place value number cards, which is also from my Place Value Activity Pack.  My kids were pros at expanded form and identifying the values of digits after using these.  You can also see that each student has their very own Perry the Place Value Robot! I made mini anchor chart rings for each common core math standard.  The kiddos love using them.  You can find them in my TPT store by clicking here!

My sweet littles also love using playing cards in math. They make everything into a game.  We played "Deal Me In" to practice writing numbers in different forms. The hundreds, tens, and ones houses are included in my Place Value Activity Pack.  

Click HERE for the FREE recording sheets!

Our place value unit is coming to an end, but my kiddos are rocking it. Check out my Place Value Activity Pack to snatch these activities, along with lots more! 

Comment below and let me know some of your favorite ways to teach place value!