David and Goliath Lesson

Last year, I made the move from a huge public school to a small private catholic school.  It is actually the school I went to as a kid, which is such a rewarding feeling! I have absolutely loved incorporating religion into my curriculum.

During the first week of school, we did a fun David and Goliath lesson.  I started off by putting some yarn in a brown paper bag and asking the students if anyone was brave enough to reach inside.  I really wanted to do cooked spaghetti but didn't have time! After I had a student reach into the bag, we discussed the word BRAVERY.  We talked about how when we feel scared or upset, God is always there to help us feel brave even though we can't see him.

Then we read the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17).   I displayed a piece of butcher paper that was 9 feet long.   I had some students lay next to it to show how much bigger Goliath was than David.  We then discussed some things in our lives that might be our "giants."  We wrote these on the butcher paper.

After writing our "giants," we talked about how God is way bigger than these giants and how he can help us overcome them.  Then we all used black markers to write GOD over our giants.

 I wrote one of my giants on the paper too :) 

I loved some of the ideas the kiddos wrote! 

The following day, we watched the story on YouTube.  Click HERE to see the video.  After this activity, David and Goliath became a favorite story in our room.  Comment below to share your favorite bible stories to use at the beginning of the year! 

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