Classroom Reveal 2016-2017

My room is finally done, y'all.  My first two years of teaching, I was in Clarksville, TN.  Last year I moved back home to sweet ole Southern Illinois and I've been teaching at the school I went to as a kid.  How sweet it is! I didn't post classroom pictures last year because things just got crazy busy.  Here is my new and improved room, ready for my second graders on Monday! 

 I kept my door simple this year! The kiddos' names are on the stars.  

Super easy DIY calendar! Buy poster board from Dollar Tree, add the month, days, laminated numbers, and sticky clips. 

I'll be adding a bug for each student when I get a list of their birthdays.

Thank you to Teaching In High Heels for the free "Amazing Work Coming Soon" printables! Get your free copy from her store HERE.  

I teach in a private Catholic school, so we are fired up about Jesus! 

This is one of my favorite parts of my room. . . the library!

I used the back of the shelf to add a little resource bulletin board for my library! It includes the expectations for Read By Myself and Read With A Buddy, questions to ask while reading, and a 5 Finger Book Test poster.  Get the FREE library posters HERE!

I organize my anchor charts into subject and them place them all on a pair of binder rings.  

Above the anchor charts are where I display my daily targets.  These are just 8x10 picture frames from the Dollar Tree.  Add a white piece of paper inside the frame and it becomes a dry erase board!

This is where I keep all of my extra supplies.  If my kiddos need more throughout the year, they know where to find it! 

Instead of having student jobs, I have two students as my Camp Champs each week.  I have these two students take care of all my classroom jobs, so I don't have to worry about changing job roles.  This is a plastic plate from the Dollar Tree that I hung right by our door. 

Here are my math centers.  They include Math by Myself, Math with a Buddy, and GO Math Games.  If you use GO Math, check out my GO Math Center Games for each chapter HERE. 

To organize my math centers, I use a cooking sheet from the Dollar Tree and add magnets! I got this cute ribbon at Dollar General :) 

You can't tell from the picture, but this s'more is HUGE! 

My desk! This hanging folder organizer is where I put the students' weekly work for them to take home.  I added it to the back of my ugly file cabinet so it saves space! I ordered it from HERE.

I love using my Campground Coins for behavior management! They can earn or lose coins, and we shop at the end of the week in my coupon store.  

Each time a student earns or loses a coin, they track it on this laminated sheet.  If they earn a coin they put a + by their name.  If they lose one, they put a -.  At the end of the day, the students record how many coins they earned/lost that day.  We erase it and start over the next day! Very easy management.  

Here is our word wall and alphabet.  Pick up my D'Nealian Alphabet HERE!

We have a writing word wall (pictured above).  I laminated construction paper with commonly used words at the top (small, big, said, nice, happy, sad, etc).  Throughout the year, we come up with strong words to write underneath the overused words. This word wall really transferred to their writing last year!

This is a shower caddy you can find at Wal-Mart. 

 I had these for each kiddo at open house.  Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips make for yummy fake s'mores! Pick up these tags from my Beginning of the Year Camping Packet.  

I loved this reading spots board last year! My students would find their spot during independent reading time and there was no fuss.  

My new Noggle and Boggle boards! Check out my blogpost to learn more about the games and snatch a FREEBIE! Click HERE to read more.  

I'm excited about my small group goals board! I laminated poster board and assigned each student two squares, one for reading and one for math.  During small group time, we will use dry erase markers to jot down short term goals for each student.  

I found some belt and scarf hangers at Dollar General and knew I would find a use for them! They are perfect storage for all of my reading fluency rings.  Grab the rings HERE! 

Last but not least, we have my reading centers wheel! This wheel does wonders for your centers organization.  You don't have to stop your small group instruction to signal your students to change centers.  They are each in an animal group, and complete their two centers for the day at their own pace.  When they finish, they complete the four finisher activities at the bottom of the board.  

Welp, that's it folks! This is my fourth year with a camping theme and I still have fun with it.  Maybe next year I'll switch it up . . . :) 

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