Boggle and Noggle

It is August 1st. August 1st! Let the teacher anxiety begin, am I right? I'm lucky enough to be able to get into my classroom at any time during the summer. Yes, be jealous. Today, I finally finished my new Boggle and Noggle station. I had lots of questions about the games when I posted the picture on my Insta and Facebook, so I wanted to make a FREEBIE just for you :) Click any of the pictures below to get your freebie!
Pictured above is my cute little work station for my kiddos. I used poster board from the Dollar Tree and secured it to the back of our bookcase. I love finding ways to use every inch of my classroom!

To set up the game boards, I used baking sheets from the Dollar Tree because they are magnetic. I also found these amazing magnetic containers at Dollar Tree! I made the letters and numbers to fit perfectly inside these cute little guys. Just print, laminate, and add a magnet to the back of the numbers and letters. Easy peasy.
To keep my kiddos accountable when they are playing, I made these recording sheets. I love Noggle because it can be used with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. When introducing the game, just instruct your students so they know which operation they will be using. You can have them choose their goal number or you assign them one. For my second graders, I usually tell them to use 20 as their goal number for addition and subtraction. Boggle is just a simple making words game using the letters on the board. The magnets make it easy for the kiddos to take them down from the board and work with the numbers and letters. Interactive and fun!
I swear I find everything at the Dollar Tree. To hold the recording sheets, I used these Dollar Tree tubs and command hooks to attach them to the wall. The kiddos will be able to use these games during centers and also as an "I'm Done" activity. I can't wait to see how they like it!
Click any of the pictures above to get your Boggle and Noggle freebie! Send me pictures when you get your board all set up :) Enjoy your last few precious moments of summer, sweet friends!

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