There are two things that I hold near and dear to my heart in this world: Target and TPT.  If I told you that you had the chance to win a $50 gift card to Target and TPT, would you pass it up?? If you would, I would call you crazier than all get out.  

 SOOOOO Ashley's Brainy Centers is launching her blog and giving away so many goodies, including that Target and TPT gift card I mentioned above.  Click below to check it out!

Another reason why this giveaway is mega awesome is because one of my products will be given away! In my TPT store, a teacher favorite has been my Text Based Writing Prompts.  My newest product is all about PIZZA.  What kid wouldn't be excited to write about pizza?? My Common Core Text Based Writing Prompts Pizza Version is Common Core aligned.  It includes 9 total passages with accompanying writing prompts, along with sample writings to show your students.  They are perfect for mini-lessons and centers! This product would also be a good reason to eat pizza in class :) 

One of the opinion passages is titled Thick or Thin.  The students will write about which type of pizza crust they prefer.  I promise you there is no better way to motivate students to write than with food.  

Check out the Blog Giveaway at Ashley's Brainy Centers to catch this freebie!! 

If you are interested in more text based writing prompts, I have Fall, Spring, Winter, and Back to School versions available! Check them out in my TPT store :) 


  1. Thanks for helping with the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for helping with the giveaway!