Beginning of the Lesson HOOKS!

We all know about those dreaded days in May and June when the kiddos are so far gone that you can't keep them focused no matter what you do.  I mean you can ride on a unicycle wearing a sombrero and these kids STILL won't care to listen to what you want to teach.  You feel me?? Well never fear! Here I have 5 engaging ways to hook your kiddos at the beginning of lessons.  These sneaky tricks get my kids interested and ready to learn! 

 My kiddos love the mystery of this one.  It's also fun to see what their creative little minds come up with! 

 We use this one A LOT in my room because it takes absolutely no prep! The online spinner is an extra fun touch that really gets the kids engaged.  Also, it may be fun to let the students take turns being the teacher with this strategy.  

  This is another one of my favorites because it takes no extra prep. The kiddos love guessing and it throws in some main idea and detail practice without them even knowing! 

 Now this one is definitely a kid favorite! They LOVE listening to sound clips.  It gives them a break from listening to my voice and incorporates technology.  Super fun. Here are some websites that offer free sound clips:

I don't know a kid in school who doesn't get excited when food is involved in a lesson.  In my experience, those sweet little people will do anything for a snack.  Using food to introduce a lesson is the perfect way to help your kiddos remember that concept! 

I hope these tips help engage your students during those times when its tough to focus!! For those of you who are still patiently waiting on summer break, bless your sweet little hearts.  You're almost there friends.  

Comment below to share some of your favorite strategies to hook your students!

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