Oh, the places we'll go!

Dr. Seuss is such a fun week for both my kiddos AND me!  I am a true kid at heart.  I have had a blast reading all of the Seuss books this week.  This may seem like a lengthy post, but there is a freebie for you at the end if you stick with it :)

We started off the week with a Dr. Seuss "Graffiti Wall."  First, we began with a KW chart and recorded what we already knew and what we wanted to learn about Dr. Seuss.  Then, we visited www.seussville.com (such a fun website to use for this week) to read a biography about Dr. Seuss.  The biography was a very high-level text for my second graders, but they absolutely LOVED it.  Y'all . . . if you want your kiddos to be excited about informational text, have them read a biography about the silly Ted Seuss.  Did you know his name was actually pronounced "Zoice" by his family?! Me neither.  We then recorded the new facts we learned on our "Graffiti Wall."  This was just a piece of chart paper decorated in Seuss-y fun, and I gave the kiddos markers to add their new pieces of knowledge. They have been so eager to add to it all week!

We have also been incorporating some Seuss fun into our math.  First, I asked my eager friends to guess my mystery Seuss book (The Foot Book).  After they guessed from my clues, we reviewed some of the fun lines from the book.  We started measurement line plots today, so we of course had to measure our feet! We made this cute line plot poster together as a group. 

His feet . . . her feet . . . how long are your feet? 

I had my sweet friends work with a buddy to trace their feet, measure it, and then record the data on the line plot.  Then they were allowed to decorate their feet :) 

For our reading centers, we have been using the activities from my Dr. Seuss ELA Activity Packet.  Click on the pictures below to snag the goodies!



To wrap up the week on Friday, we will be having a Seusstastic Snack Mix.  Here is a list of items and what they represent:

Cheez Its:  The Lorax (because of the orange)
Cherrios: OH, the Places You'll Go
Animal Crackers: If I Ran The Zoo
Popcorn: Hop on Pop
Colored Goldfish: One Fish, Two Fish
M'nMs: My Many Colored Days

Before mixing it all together, I will show the snack and then have my munchkins guess what book it represents.  Any excuse for a good snack :) 

Now I can't end this lengthy post without a FREEBIE! Here is what we are doing for writing this week.  After reading tons of Seuss books, the students will choose their favorite to write an opinion/book review.  After writing their review, they turn it into a Cat in the Hat craft.  Click below for the cute freebie!


Happy Dr. Seuss Week!