Sweet Success with Author's Purpose

If you have been taught like me, you know that author's purpose has been taught with PIE (Persuade, Inform, Entertain).  I still love to teach with this concept! However, those pesky common core standards have some hidden gems in them that can be easy to miss.  Sometimes, you will come across texts that don't always fit into the PIE categories.  My fabulous second grade team and I have spent endless hours deconstructing the common core standards.  We came across the author's purpose standard for second grade (RI.2.6), and decided to start teaching it in a slightly different way. The standard states: Identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants to answer, explain, or describeIn order to help our kiddos with this concept, I introduce to you . .  . 

The Author's Purpose Lemonade Stand! 

This ADE anchor chart really helps students break down and analyze a text.  It helps them to ask, "What is the author really trying to do here?" 

Since its getting close to Valentine's Day, I thought I would throw in a cute activity that can be used with author's main purpose.  Check out  Valentine's Day Love Bug Reading Passages and Craft.
It includes informational Valentine's Day passages and a cute craft to go along with it! The craft can be used in so many different ways, with any text.  Click the picture to check it out! 


Now, I still believe in the ole author's purpose pie! So here are some materials I use to teach my kiddos the difference between persuading, informing, and identifying.  Click on the pictures below to check them out! 



Of course after completing the activities, I had to bring in pie for them! After munching on some pie, my munchkins seemed to really  understand the concept ;)

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