One Last Camp Out

Well friends its been almost a month since I have posted! I know . . . I've been a huge slacker.  But my first year of teaching is now complete! It went unbelievably fast, but it was also unbelievably amazing.  I have learned more than I could ever imagine from my  fabulous coworkers and awesome little second graders.

So the last few days of school, we of course had to pitch our tents for one last camp out! I used several activities from my End of the Year Camp Out packet as a fun way to wrap up the school year for my kiddos.  We got to design our "Dream Cabins," write spooky campfire stories, and lots of fun little things.  Click on the image below to check out the product :) 

 On the last day of school, I allowed my friends to bring in sleeping bags and campfire snacks for one last camp out.  We had too much fun.  I played the photo slideshow that I made, which was just adorable and they LOVED.  I even had a few sweet kiddos cry because they were sad to be leaving our campground :( Which led to a teary-eyed Ms. Winter, too.  Bless their hearts! 

But now it is officially SUMMERTIME.  Which means its time for this teacher to get herself a nice tan and prepare for this next year! I'll be creating several new products this summer, so don't be a stranger to the blog ;)

Happy Summer, y'all!!