April Showers Bring . . . Cause and Effect!

SPRING IS HERE!! It has been a beautiful week here in Tennessee. 70's everyday.  We had a fun week practicing the skill of cause and effect in this fabulous weather.  Our school uses the Journey's Common Core Reading Series, and this week our story was Half-Chicken.  We used an activity from my Half-Chicken Cause and Effect Packet.

 Reading seems to be harder to keep my sweet friends engaged because its not as hands-on as math!  I try to include as many engaging reading activities as possible.
 I split the kiddos into groups and they worked together to match the causes with the effects from the story. They were so engaged and loved it!
 For an extra challenge, they were required to sequence the events in the correct order.

Now I must tell you about one of my favorite websites: ReadWorks.org. Y'all, this website is PHENOMENAL.  It has tons of leveled passages that are organized by skill, and soooo many more resources.  Check it out! This week, we close read a passage from ReadWorks titled "We Need Water."  It is all about the water cycle, so it was a great way to integrate science and reading. 
Then I made giant cause and effect dominoes to use with the passage. So fun! 
 To make the dominoes, I just wrapped old cereal and cracker boxes with wrapping paper.  I typed up the stages of the water cycle and taped them to the "dominoes." 
 I partnered the students up and gave them a domino.  Then, we went through the water cycle together using the passage to determine the sequence of events. 
 And our water cycle domino chain was all set! Now here comes the fun part. 
 We discussed the concept of cause and effect, and talked about what would happen when the first event occurred.  It helped the students visualize that each step caused something else to happen. 
 And there goes the water cycle dominoes! The kiddos loved this, and it really helped them enhance their understanding of cause and effect in realistic situations.  Awesome science-reading connection!

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