Show Me The Money!

Happy Thursday! This week in math, we are working on a skill that everyone loves . . . MONEY.  It is not exactly something we all have a lot of, but we sure do love it :) First of all, there is a video called "Coins in my Hand" that we have been singing along to all week. My friends (and myself!) LOVE it. It helps the students with identifying the coins, their values, and their appearance. 

On Monday, we played a game that the kiddos looooved that I call "Drop The Coins!" 
 We start with a countdown. One . . . the students take a handful of coins.
Two . . . they hold them up.
 And three . . . they drop the coins (nicely) on their desk!
Then I had the students categorize the coins into heads and tails.  This helps with the skill of identifying the different types of coins.  I then ask them to either count only the coins with heads up or tails up.  We had a blast!

Later on in the week, we took a trip to the candy shop! Using my Sweet Money packet from my TPT store, the students went shopping and we practiced showing money amounts in two different ways.

Next stop for spending our money.....the Ice Cream Sundae Shop! Tomorrow the students will be buying toppings and creating their own ice cream sundaes using an activity in the Sweet Money packet.  There is nothing like candy and ice cream to keep my sweet friends engaged :) Click on the picture to check out my Sweet Money packet!

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