Better Late Than Never, Right?

Soooo, it is March 25 and here I am just now posting some of our St. Patrick's Day fun.  The way I look at it.....its still March, so that makes it okay, right? ;) Anywho, we had a ton of fun last week celebrating St. Paddy's Day!

We have been practicing telling time, so we made these super cute shamrock watches from my Shamrockin' Around The Clock time activity packet. 

Our spelling skill this week was working with suffixes -FUL and -LY. Can you believe that I found GREEN twizzlers at Wal-Mart??? Talk about one excited teacher.  

The kiddos created the suffixes with their twizzlers, and then we practiced categorizing and writing our spelling words in the correct category.  Isn't her bow adorable? :) 

We also determined the meanings of the words using the suffixes!

And last but not least, we had a leprechaun visit the bathroom in our classroom! Sneaky Leo ;) 

Happy March, y'all!

Show Me The Money!

Happy Thursday! This week in math, we are working on a skill that everyone loves . . . MONEY.  It is not exactly something we all have a lot of, but we sure do love it :) First of all, there is a video called "Coins in my Hand" that we have been singing along to all week. My friends (and myself!) LOVE it. It helps the students with identifying the coins, their values, and their appearance. 

On Monday, we played a game that the kiddos looooved that I call "Drop The Coins!" 
 We start with a countdown. One . . . the students take a handful of coins.
Two . . . they hold them up.
 And three . . . they drop the coins (nicely) on their desk!
Then I had the students categorize the coins into heads and tails.  This helps with the skill of identifying the different types of coins.  I then ask them to either count only the coins with heads up or tails up.  We had a blast!

Later on in the week, we took a trip to the candy shop! Using my Sweet Money packet from my TPT store, the students went shopping and we practiced showing money amounts in two different ways.

Next stop for spending our money.....the Ice Cream Sundae Shop! Tomorrow the students will be buying toppings and creating their own ice cream sundaes using an activity in the Sweet Money packet.  There is nothing like candy and ice cream to keep my sweet friends engaged :) Click on the picture to check out my Sweet Money packet!

Week of Snow Days = Phonics Packet

Well folks, we have had ONE WHOLE WEEK of snow days.  I am a busy body, so I have been going insane in the membrane.  However, I have been productive! We have really been hitting it hard with the importance of phonics in second grade. Even though most of them are developed readers, it is still important that they are able to utilize decoding skills.  Soooo I have been working on a huge phonics packet for second and third graders that will go beyond the basic sight reading.  It will include fun games that help kiddos decode, break down, and create words. Here is a freebie I made today for prefixes.  Enjoy!

Dr. Seuss Week

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Along with Happy Read Across America Week! Unfortunately, we have had three yucky snow days down here in Tennessee.  So, I haven't gotten to celebrate with my kiddos! Here is a packet I was planning on using this week :)

Classroom Pictures from August

Since I'm starting late in the year, here are some pictures of my classroom back in August!

Each student received a "Campground Survival Kit" on the first day!

 This table is where we keep our good behavior "Campground Coins." The kiddos LOVE them because they earn coins throughout the week and get to shop on Fridays. I bought the coins from Oriental Trading magazine. 

 I hot-glued clothespins to the wall for easy work displays!

On the first day of school, we talked about what is needed to have a successful classroom. We discussed things such as caring words, perseverance, helpful hands, responsibility, etc.  Each student traced their hands and then wrote one of their ideas on their hand. Turned out super cute!